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Providing scholarships to Australian students pursuing Islamic knowledge abroad

We Are A Not For Profit Organisation

Registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Our aim is to build a strong and creative connection between the Australian Muslim Community and its Islamic Scholarly heritage.

Our vision is a unified Australian Muslim Community that is connected with its Islamic Tradition and is positively contributing to Australian society.

Our mission is to

Serve the spiritual and intellectual needs of the Australian Muslim community and create the conditions required to contribute meaningfully and positively to its cultural, religious, social and political contexts.

Establish a sustainable fund for the purpose of funding the education of future Islamic Scholars.


  • To facilitate access, scholarships and pathways for Australian Muslims to connect to Islamic Scholarly programs and services (locally and overseas).
  • To develop and support Australian Muslim community’s understanding of Islamic Scholarly Tradition to positively engage and contribute towards Australian Society (cultural, religious, social and political context).
  • To establish an independent sustainable charitable fund for Australian Muslims to connect to Islamic Scholarly programs and services.

Sanad will do this by

Creating a scholarship fund to support potential scholars in their study of the Islamic sciences.

Facilitating the creation of timely and relevant Islamic Scholarship and activity that can address the contemporary issues of the Australian Muslim Community and connects Islam with people’s cultural, social, political, and intellectual experiences in Australia.

Facilitating the emergence of an adequate number and caliber of scholars in the community able to satisfy the diversity of local educational needs and interests.

Developing future scholars who can engage with the contemporary and novel issues and challenges faced by Australian Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Supporting Australian Muslims in their studies abroad so that future traditional scholars are available who are intimately conversant with the local culture, realities and challenges for Muslims and non-Muslims in the West and thus able to more productively engage with the local Muslim and non-Muslim communities. 


Funds raised

Your donations help fund the development of local Islamic scholars, specialists and thinkers.


Digital reach

Our digital reach is vital to promote and grow our program offering.



Courses, seminaries, programs and events.



To develop the Australian Muslim community’s understanding of the Islamic Scholarly Tradition.

Our Team

The Sanad Foundation is comprised of the following members


Sh Abdinur Weli is the religious advisor of the Sanad Foundation. He is the Head Imam for Islamic Council of Victoria and member of the Board of Imams Victoria.

Shaykh Abdinur Weli

Religious Advisor


Eugenia Flynn is a writer, arts worker and community organiser. She identifies as Aboriginal, Chinese and Muslim, working within multiple communities to create change through art, literature, and community development.

Eugenia Flynn



Previously a Commissioner for the Victorian Multicultural Commission and the Vice-President of Islamic Council of Victoria and CARE With ME (foster care). Maryum Chaudhry has a deep passion for strengthening and working with communities.

Maryum Chaudhry



Working in the professional service industry as a consultant and manager, for the past 13 years implementing financial systems for Medium to Enterprise level customers.

Ali Chaudhry



Ramzi has been active in the Muslim community for more than 30 years. He has held a variety of honorarium positions including president, vice president on the Islamic Council of Victoria.

Ramzi Elsayed

Executive Member


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Nilufer Okur

Executive Member

A not for profit organisation

Sanad Foundation Incorporated is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
ABN 94 356 250 197

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