The Whole Intellectual Tradition - Seyyed Nasr

"Not every traditional scholar has been a master of all the traditional schools of thought nor accepted all their premises and teachings. Even in the traditional world, followers of one school of kalam opposed other schools of kalam, followers of kalam opposed philosophy, and philosophers of one school those of another. But all these oppositions were once again within the traditional universe. The traditionalists do not defend only one school at the expense of others but insist on the value of the whole intellectual tradition of Islam in all of its manifestations, every one of which has issued from the Islamic revelation. Moreover, the various traditional schools of Islamic theology, philosophy and science are evaluated in the light of the Islamic world-view. They are in fact seen as keys to the understanding of aspects of the intellectual universe of Islam, rather than as stages in the growth of this or that school of Western philosophy or science and hence seen to be of value by many scholars only because of the contribution they have made to modern Western thought".

To read further, Traditional Islam in the Modern World - Seyyed Nasr

This post is part of our series of lecture reading excerpts from Sanad Foundation's 2018 course 'Islamic Scholarly Tradition' taught by Sidi Mohamed Acharki in Melbourne.