Mohamed's Journey From Australia To Morocco In Pursuit Of Knowledge


about acharki

A promising student of knowledge, Mohamed Acharki is currently studying the Islamic sciences with scholars, as well as an Islamic Studies degree in Humanities University in Morocco. He will return to Australia in the near future to benefit the Australian Muslim community. We are in need of locally engaged scholars, native to the English language, addressing issues in a critical and creative way.  On behalf of Sanad Foundation, we hope supporting this student is the first of many to develop local scholars and thinkers, necessary to engage the wider Australian community. More information on Sanad Foundation is below.

Mohamed Acharki and his fellow students.

Mohamed Acharki and his fellow students.

Mohamed’s Credentials

• Bachelor of Education and Arts (Sociology) – University of Melbourne
Awarded with high distinction

  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Politics) – La Trobe University
Awarded Emeritus Scholarship (highest mark in the Arts faculty)

• Master of International Relations – Monash University
Awarded high distinction with a thesis on the thought of the contemporary philosopher, Taha Abdurrahman on Modernity, Islam and the West.

Mohamed Acharki in class in Morocco.

Mohamed Acharki in class in Morocco.

His further credentials in traditional
Islamic sciences include:

• Hafidh of Qur’an(memorised with chain)
• Quranic Sciences(Ulum ul Quran)
• Hadith and Hadith sciences (Hadith and Ulum ul hadith)
• Islamic law, jurisprudence and Islamic legal theory (Fiqh and Usul ul fiqh)
• Spiritual sciences (Ilm ul ihsan)
• Arabic sciences of grammar, morphology, rhetoric (nahw, sarf, balagha)
• Arabic classical poetry and their commentaries

All of this aforementioned study has been undertaken with qualified scholars and over an extended period of time. Mohamed has also received a tazkiya – a letter of recommendation detailing most of this study from esteemed scholars locally in Melbourne.

A comprehensive list of texts of the traditional Islamic sciences studied:

In Australia:

  • Arabic sciences of grammar, morphology, rhetoric and literature, (including the Alfiyya of ibn Malik) and developed a high competency in Arabic.
  • Studied in Arabic both beginners and intermediate texts in the Islamic sciences of Islamic creed (Aqeeda), Hadith Sciences (Ulum-Ul-Hadith), Law (Fiqh), Islamic Legal Theory (Usul-Al-Fiqh), Spirituality sciences (Ilm ul Ihsan) and several works in contemporary Islamic thought.

In Morocco:

  • He memorised the entire Qur’an.

  • In Fes - Arabic Grammar (Ajrumiyya), and recited the Commentary of Ibn ‘Ashir to Scholars of the University of Karaouine, the oldest university in the world

  • In Tetouan – currently undertaking Islamic studies at Ibn Sa’ud Humanities University, studying Quranic Sciences (Ulum Al-Quran), Islamic creed, Hadith Sciences, the History of Islamic Legislation, Maliki Jurisprudence (fiqh), Arabic Grammar, Morphology, Semantics, and Islamic Thought and philosophy.

  • Regularly attended the circles (halaqaat) of Shuyukh in which he studied the:

      • Alfiyya, Jama’ Al-Jawami’ in Usul Al-Fiqh

      • Fiqh Al-‘Ibadat in Maliki Fiqh

      • Al-Muntakhab in Maliki School legal maxims

      • Subul As-Salam (Sharh of Bulugh Al-Maram) in Ilm ul Hadith.

  • He is currently studying in such private circles:

      • Miftah Al-Wusuul in Maliki Usul

      • Ar-Risala in Maliki Fiqh

      • The Sharh of Tirmidhi in Fiqh of Hadith

      • Dala’ilAl-‘Ijaz in Arabic Rhethoric and Quran Studies

      • The commentaries (Sharh) of some Famous Cannons of Arabic Poetry (e.g. the Diwan of Mutanabbi) in the Moroccan mountains.

Traditional Village surrounded by mountains in Tetouan, Morocco