Sunday Intensives with Mohamed Acharki.

Lecture 1: Introduction, Defining the ‘Islamic Scholarly Tradition’

Prologue: What is Traditional Islam?, from ‘Traditional Islam in the Modern World’, S.H, Nasr. pps. 13-16

Lecture 2: Foundations: Quran

Chapter 3 from Introduction to At-Tasheel, Ibn Juzay pps.9-12

Lecture 3: Foundations: Sunnah

Character of the Prophet, A.A, Nadwi

Lecture 4: Authenticity of the Quran

Chapter 2: Transmission of the Quranic Revelation (first four pages), from ‘Ulum Al-Quran’, A.V, Denferr.

Lecture 5: Integrity of the Sunnah

Introduction, pps.6-10, from ‘A Textbook of Hadith Studies’, M.H, Kamali

Lecture 6: Islamic Sciences and Centrality of Spirituo-Ethics

1) Character of the Prophet, A.A, Nadwi
2) Chapter 2: The Decline of Knowledge and the Rise of Ideology in the Muslim World, pps. 53-54

Lecture 7: Arabic, the Vibrant and Universal Language of the Islamic Scholarly Tradition

Arabic Literature

Lecture 8: Establishment and Development of Islamic Sciences

1) Chapter 2: The Basis of the Teaching System and the Educational Institutions (The Classification of the Sciences) pps. 59-64 from ‘Science and Civilization in Islam’, S.H, Nasr.

2) Fourth section: Translation as a Source of Knowledge

Lecture 9: Continuity and Change

Chapter 6: The Various Kinds of Sciences, sections 34-38 from the Muqaddimah, Ibn Khaldun

Lecture 10: Islamic Scholarship and Modernity

1) Islam and Modernity pps.32-45 from ‘Winning the Modern World for Islam’, A, Yassine

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