Community concern is at the heart of Islam

Strengthening our community

Through these projects, the foundation envisions a Muslim community sufficiently attended to by a strategically informed scholarly class. The process of drawing from as wide a range of potential applicants with diverse backgrounds and expertise culminates in scholars who are familiar with the depth and breadth of Australian society, history, and its cultural and intellectual landscapes.

Sanad scholars are therefore empathetic to local experiences and are capable of addressing inter-generational issues. These include, as an example, educational initiatives for children, devised and lead by competent scholars conversant in both the tradition and the local culture in which our children are raised. It is the proactive and creative dimensions of the Sanad philosophy from which the link between beneficial activity and knowledge can be fully realised by Sanad scholars, and upon which the Foundation places the most emphasis in its contribution to the Islamic tradition. 

By working in their varying capacities as individual teachers, as well as engaging with existing institutions and scholars, systems of support will be created with the aim of lifting and shifting the workload currently expected of the scholarly community. This will allow our scholars to focus on areas of concern directly in need of their expertise. This level of organisation results in the need for specified scholar profiles by which you know who exactly to approach for expert advice and guidance. Finally, ‘community scholars’ means grassroots scholars not confined to narrow academic hallways, but fully engaged with, and accessible to the community, both young and old, men and woman.