Positively engaging with, and contributing toward Australian society is pivotal to the foundation's purpose.



Our focus on the religious, philosophical, social and economic dimensions of society is guided by and builds upon the rich and unique advancements realised both historically and contemporarily in a number of fields in the Islamic scholarly tradition, including both the strictly religious sciences and broader fields of Islamic thought.

The Sanad fund will contribute to the development of ‘Sanad Scholars’ by means of its scholarship program. Such scholars, who are guided by the philosophy and culture of the Foundation, will possess a general knowledge of the religious sciences as well as specialised knowledge of one of its fields. Additionally they will have demonstrated their capacity to learn and teach at the crossroads of their own academic disciplines and the Islamic Sciences - an activity the foundation deems essential to informed and productive communal movement in Australia today. Having completed such studies, our scholars will then go on to integrate into our local scholarly community as well as actively participate in issues affecting the Muslim community and Australian society at large.

The goals of the foundation however, are not restricted to local collaboration, and a truly global mobilisation of scholars and students leading to the creation of a robust network stands as the higher objective and long term strategy of the foundation.

*For a detailed exposition of the philosophy and culture of the foundation refer to the paper “The Philosophy and Culture of the Sanad Foundation” found under 'Our Philosophy'.