Australian Muslim Initiative.

Sanad Foundation is a non-profit organization,
building a connection between the Australian Muslim Community and its Islamic heritage.


Our story

The Sanad Fund, the first of the foundation's projects seeks to meet the educational and intellectual challenges facing Muslims in contemporary Australia by funding and developing local Islamic scholars, specialists and thinkers. It is through this strategy that the foundation believes an integral element of our tradition can be realised in our community today, that of creating a connection between beneficial knowledge and activity.

The Foundation took its first steps when local students helped fund a promising individual seeking Islamic knowledge abroad. The money raised facilitated their friend’s study, thereby allowing him to attain a higher proficiency in Arabic, memorise the Quran, study classical texts under licensed scholars, and immerse himself in the newest research in various fields of the Islamic sciences and thought.

Taking from his success, the Foundation now aims to open pathways for other aspiring students through the establishment of the Sanad Fund.