Our Strategy


The Sanad Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to build a strong and creative connection between the Australian Muslim Community and its Islamic Scholarly heritage.  Our vision is a unified Australian Muslim Community that is connected with its Islamic Tradition and is positively contributing to Australian society.



Islamic Scholarship is at the heart of Sanad.  To respond to the challenges of our times the Australian Muslim community needs Islamic Scholars who are not only conversant in the Islamic tradition but understand the cultural complexity of living in modern day Australia.  It is in the juxtaposition of these two streams that Islamic scholarship will shine in Australia.  To that end Sanad seeks to build pathways for capable individuals from within the Australian Muslim community to access centres of traditional Islamic scholarship.  This will include financial scholarships as well as agreements with institutions that will increase opportunities.



A defining characteristic of a Sanad Scholar is their ability to lead the thinking and discussion on key social, scientific and cultural matters that relevant to the Muslim and broader community at large. 

In this way Sanad Scholars bring benefit to all of society.  It is, therefore, a fundamental component
of the Sanad strategy to foster and promote research on these issues.



While Scholarship looks specifically at the development of individual scholars, Sanad has a broader objective around Education.  This involves keeping the knowledge that is acquired through formal learning and research alive and accessible to as many people as possible. Furthermore, programs and pathways will be established to allow local Mosques and institutions to access the Sanad knowledgebase through a range of different means. Examples include presentations and lectures as well as the development of an Islamic curriculum that can be used in early learning pathways
at local Mosques and Madrasahs.   


Community Development

The ultimate goal of Sanad is to empower the community as a whole, through traditional Islamic knowledge and learning.  This is to respond to an ever challenging environment and positively impact the broader society through the beauty of Islam. This Strategic objective seeks to bring together all the others in practical ways, such as in the form of mentoring and professional development programs as well as supporting individuals and social enterprises.